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Service description Digital marketing

- Creating a strategy for promotion in an online environment
- Creating and maintaining a website / web shop / blog
- Create and manage profiles at social networks (FB, TW, YT, INSTA, LN ...)
- Internet advertising (Facebook Ads, google ads)
- Content creation (blogging, text writing, graphic design, photography, video recording for the internet)
- Email Marketing / Newsletter
- Evaluation and reporting of results achieved

No one no longer raises the question of whether you need promotion in an online environment - this becomes an essential element of every communication process, precisely because all digital communication channels are now an integral part of our everyday life and the inevitable element of any promotional campaign. The question is just how to synchronize communication strategy, key messages, available channels and digital media tools, the power of modern technology and the power of social networks and online media to achieve your business goals in an effective, creative, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Starting always from the communication strategy and guided by your key business goals, we will combine all available tools and help you to open up communication with your customers, create strong and lasting connections and take advantage of everything that digital media can offer in order to keep these connections as permanent as possible, and your reputation is as good and positive as possible.

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